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Request for Proposals: Artist Designed Bike Rack

Russellville, AR

Project Goals

Main Street Russellville’s Artist Designed Bike Rack Program is dedicated to highlighting the natural beauty and geography of our community while fostering a sense of civic pride through public works of art. Russellville is home to over four major cycling trails and currently several more trail systems are in development. In addition, the city of Russellville is the gateway to other area trail systems. In 2019, we added a bicycle repair station to Downtown Russellville and given the popularity of this amenity we would like to add an artistic, yet functional bike rack to downtown to further aid cyclists visiting our downtown or local University. In the past year, we have begun a public art project as a way of illustrating the identity and growth of our community. By establishing a visual public presence we hope that the community will join us in celebrating and investing in the city's future.

Artist Eligibility

Any artist or team of artists interested in creating a three dimensional sculpture to function as a bike rack, to be completed prior to the end of 2021, may complete a proposal in accordance with the guidelines provided below. (see photos for reference at the bottom of this RFP)

This proposal is open to artists in the Russellville area, as well as state and national artists.


  • Create a unique and functional sculpture to be used as a bike rack that reflects the geography or natural beauty of Russellville

  • Select a dedicated and qualified artist or artist team that can demonstrate artistic excellence while completing this project on time and within budget. If an artist team is selected, one artist must be designated as a point of contact and project lead. 

  • The artwork must be freely visible and accessible to the public for at least two years.

  • Location will be in the Russellville Downtown Main Street District. Specific site to be determined.

Application Requirements

Proposal packages should consist of the following on a flash drive and can be submitted in person at 320 West C St, Russellville, AR or via mail to PO Box 694, Russellville, AR 72811

Cover Sheet - Applicants must include a cover sheet with their name, mailing address, telephone number, email, project title, and a single paragraph of up to 150 words summarizing the proposed project. If applying as a team, please include the names and emails for each team member and identify one team member as the lead contact.

Project Proposal and Budget - Applicants must submit a project proposal of up to 1,000 words that clearly describes the project and its relationship to Russellville. Applicants must submit a sketch(es) of the proposed project.

  • A narrative and design illustrating the concept is required for each submission. Include supplemental information such as medium, timeline for completion, and approximate dimensions of the proposed sculpture   

  • The project budget (required) is not to exceed $3,000 for an artist or team of collaborative artists. The budget should include the artist(s) fee, supplies, fabrication, and other associated costs (not including installation)

Recent Work with Images - Applicants must include up to seven digital images of recent works showcasing a variety of styles. Art concepts and/or recent works may be in any medium.

The submission deadline is October 26, 2019 at 5 PM CDT

The final selection will be made by the Main Street Russellville Public Art Committee comprised of community members.

Questions can be directed to or 479-967-1437

These photos are provided for reference only. They are not the property of Main Street Russellville.


Photo: Marcus Griffith

Location – Vancouver, WA

Artist: Myra Falisz

Location – Pittsburgh, PA


 Artist: Brandon Boan

 Location: Pittsburgh, PA

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