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Request for Proposals: Solar Eclipse Sculpture

Russellville, AR

Main Street Russellville seeks proposals for a site-specific public art installation at

203 S Commerce St, Russellville, AR (site photo below) that will further beautify the site in question. The project will be funded in part by the Division of Arkansas Heritage.

Overview of project scope/vision/goals of the installation
On April 8, 2024, Russellville will be in the direct path of a historic solar eclipse. We would like
to locally commemorate this event through a public art sculpture installation. This piece of art
can include various elements of Russellville history – or it can focus solely on the eclipse. As this
piece will be tied to the solar eclipse, we would like it to contain a solar element. This can be
solar lighting, etc.

Artist proposals will be reviewed based on the following criteria:
• Site specificity: ability of the work to engage art audiences and the general public with
the location using elements of surprise, humor, imagery, design, etc.
• Quality of the proposal and prior work
• Fit for Russellville Downtown community and our neighbors
• Feasibility of the proposal
• Originality and timeliness
• Inclusion of a solar component (lighting, etc)

Artist Eligibility
Applicant must be an experienced visual artist:
• provide evidence of producing a large-scale outdoor public art project within the past
ten years 

Selection Process Overview
The Selection Committee will review applications and select a finalist to execute their design for
the site contingent on approval of the committee’s recommendation by Main Street Russellville
and acceptance of subsequent design development deliverables. Execution of project is
dependent on award by Division of Arkansas Heritage to Main Street Russellville.

In addition to meeting eligibility requirements selection of finalists will be based on the
following criteria: 

• Quality of letter and quality of work samples 
• Ability of artist or team to successfully design, produce and install project, based on
application materials provided. Design concepts must meet the following criteria: 
• Conveys artistic excellence and supports goals of the project including: 
• Honoring the current community culture
• Creativity and use of space

• Considers ways to creatively and meaningfully engage community
• Flexibility in design after engaging with local stakeholders 
• Has a broad appeal, and considers diverse audiences 
• Is durable, relative to the environment, vandalism, and changing seasons 
• Is considered safe and low-maintenance (The artwork must be freely visible and
accessible to the public for at least two years.)


Selected work must meet safety requirements and be able to withstand the effects of weather
and public use for a minimum of two years. Prior to preparing proposals, applicants are
encouraged to visit the location, both during the day and at night. Applicants are also
encouraged to learn about the history and context of the location and neighborhood. Artworks
will be on display free of charge to passersby 24/7 while invigorating the site as part of the
Downtown Arts District and a destination for community members and tourists.

Site Information
The site is located next to Russellville City Hall. Though it is not included in the Historic District,
it is located right outside the boundary and quite close to a historic building. This should be
taken into consideration when determining the character of the public art piece. The site is at
least 6 ft by 6 ft.

Deadline for RFP submission; all required materials received by 5:00 PM on October 30, 2023;
confirmation email will be sent to applicants once materials are received 

How to Apply

The following should be sent to Danielle Housenick by email by 5 PM October 30, 2023

Applicants must include a cover sheet with their name, mailing address, telephone number,
email, project title, and a single paragraph of up to 150 words summarizing the proposed
project. If applying as a team, please include the names and emails for each team member and
identify one team member as the lead contact.

Applicants must submit a project proposal of up to 1,000 words that clearly describes the
project and its relationship to the specific site. Applicants must submit renderings and sketches

of the proposed project. Audio or video artists should include sound or video files. Proposals
must demonstrate feasibility within the budget of $10,000.

Resume or CV should include information about education; work and teaching experience;
exhibition history, if applicable; awards, grants, and residencies; and other relevant

Applicants must include (up to ten) digital images of recent works. These images are in addition
to images submitted as part of the project proposal. Art concepts and/or recent works may be
in any medium. An image script with a numbered list that corresponds to the submitted images
should also be included. For each image, include the title, date, and a brief description of the

Applications should be sent to the email address below. If an application is emailed, please
confirm receipt by calling Main Street Russellville at 479-967-1437.

The photos below show examples of public art, these photos are not property of Main Street Russellville. 


Site for public art sculpture (rock can be moved or relocated)

Example of Sundial Art (located in New York, New York)

colorful history.jpg

Colorful History, Located in Grand Prairie, TX 

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